Transporting materials to space and building in space is exorbitantly expensive and a roadblock to building and testing habitats and products for the space industry. Made In Space was founded on finding a solution to accessible and affordable off-world manufacturing in space to lower the barrier to entry and ensure a future for humanity in space. This meant the challenge was to build a brand, from the ground up for a new space company start-up that will last for millennia.

Facilitating design and strategy meetings with the CEO/CTO, overseeing design and production of the company brand and marketing materials, creative directing product innovations, and creative management. Illustration and conception of the logo and all the brand materials.

The result is a brand with a core visual and written language that fits with a bold future. The MIS logo can be easily 3D printed, stamped, embossed, etched, and even grown from bacteria in a dish and yet still be recognizable. The rest of the brand design language (both visual and experiential) follows the core theme of embodying an optimistic future, yet honoring our past. The past can be seen with the retro lime green accent color that stands out in the Space Industry.

Made In Space Color Styleguide
Made In Space Branding on shirts, bags, mugs and more

The MIS logo was the first printed object on the International Space Station and has helped create a recognizable space brand across the globe. The company was acquired by REDWIRE in 2020 with plans to take it public in the near future.

MADE IN SPACE went back to the ISS and is now printing fiber optics