Challenge: Compass was looking for a new, vibrant explainer video for their new and improved service offering and brand design. The goal was to emphasize their complexity through simple geometric shapes and lines and accessible wording that works with the new website design and materials.

Results: The result is a light-hearted and informative video with simple geometric shapes that can be re-branded and reused as their brand grows.

Scope of Work:
> Interview key customers to understand what language and visuals best connect with their idea of the Compass product
> Write and edit the script
> Storyboarding both by hand and computer illustration (used RealTimeBoard and Illustrator)
> Final illustrations
> Hire and oversee the voice artist
> Research and select the background track
> Hire and coordinate the motion graphics artist

Skills Used: Illustration, Creative Direction, Scriptwriting, Video-Editing, Storyboarding,  Adobe After Effects, Apple iMovie, Adobe Illustrator