Challenge: Invent and produce 25-30 washable, programmable, instantly customizable t-shirts for Ballantine’s marketing campaign.

Role: Design Strategy
My role, as head of Switch Embassy, was to build and manage a cross-disciplinary team to prototype and produce a wearable garment with advanced e-textile materials, hardware, and software. The role included UX research and design innovating new processes, quality control and analysis of the product in real-world environments, and hardware to software integration tests. Also included in the work was UX and textile research.

Results: The result is the first ever washable wearable display innovated and produced in less than 9 months and on budget. The shirts were delivered to around the world as part of a promotional campaign. The tshirtOS Android software allowed the customer to change the text, animation, or design of the shirt on demand. It received the Techtextile awarded for innovation, critical acclaim at SXSW and worldwide impressions.

Over 17,000 people signed up for the shirts. The shirts continue to claim attention for the brand years later with inbound leads on a daily basis.