Fun with BOSE AR

Customer Experience (UX), Fashion Technology June 6, 2018

I had the distinct privilege to do customer insight and UX research for BOSE AR sunglasses.

The Marriage of Wearable Tech and Fashion Design – Part 1 –

Writing May 17, 2016

The first part in a two part series about the lessons learned as a fashion technologist who has researched and worked with both the fashion and wearable tech industries.

Here is the link:


DVF and Google Glass – It’s not about the glasses

Writing October 12, 2012

Fashion and technology is not about the technology at all. It is about sharing, augmenting, and expressing who we are as human beings.

Switch Craft

DIY/Craft, Illustration, Switch Craft April 8, 2010

Switch Craft, published by Random House/Potter Craft, features 20 ultra-modern projects that are equal parts fashion and function. Using sewing techniques and terminology, technology is presented as beautiful and accessible.

DIY/Craft, Services February 6, 2010

Smart Fabrics Workshop

Alison held a fashion hack workshop at Smart Fabrics 2010 that included both the LilyPad Arduino and Aniomagic’s sensors and lights. The attendees only had about 3 1/2 hours to use these tools to create an interactive garment or accessory.

DIY/Craft, Illustration, Switch Craft November 7, 2008

Assembly Illustrations

Making technology accessible to a wide audience means making it easy to understand through visual imagery. Here are some examples of Alison’s illustrations and diagrams that work in conjunction with the photography and text as reference materials for those new to electronics.